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A little bit about Me and YIAH


I love food, I love good food. I like to cook from scratch and I prefer not to eat processed food whenever possible (although I am human and sometimes eat take away). My husband and I also like variety. We do not have the same menu each week and constantly change. This is why I love Your Inspiration at Home. Please note I am Australian and will use Australian spelling and hopefully I wont use to many Australian Colloquialisms. My Dad is from the United States of America so I hopefully will remember what not to say to confuse my readers. When I say tomato sauce in this blog I mean ketchup for example. If I do however confuse  you please let me know by messaging me or emailing me. Please read on however to find out more on YIAH (Your Inspiration at Home).

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Quick Shepherd’s or Cottage’s Pie with YIAH Spices


 Quick Shepherd’s Pie

I love food and I love ‘fast and easy’ food. Shepherd’s Pie also known as Cottage Pie is very versatile and you can change this recipe to suit your taste and what you have in your freezer. I never follow recipes and I change it up all the time. I have two very young boys so if I were cooking it for adult tastes I would add a little bit of Louisiana Creole Dip Mix mixed with a tablespoon of tomato sauce (Ketchup) before adding the vegetables to give it a saucy kick.

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